Get Wild for Wildlife!

This doggie can get pretty wild, let me tell you. And when the partying gets too ruff (get it?) there are great vets and emergency vets around to get my tail wagging again. But when my ACTUAL wild cousins–those undomesticated critters who still roam the forests for food and never trained a human to do it for them–get in trouble, it can be harder for them to find help.

That’s why some of my people’s human friends are working to open Appalachian Wildlife Refuge. THOUSANDS of injured and orphaned wild animals are brought in for rehabilitation every year, and the independent rehabbers and other organizations are

You said HOW many wild animals are injured every year? Oh my goodness.

working their hardest, but they’re just overwhelmed by the sheer numbers. App Wild will be a central location with expert staff and caring volunteers to help nurse little baby squirrels, broken-footed ducks and crack-shelled turtles back to health.

App Wild has a lot going on, and the latest big exciting news is that they’ve found property and a facility to be their new home! There’s a lot of work to do to get the doors open on “The Hub,” and a lot of money to raise to make it happen. Check out their “Wild Night to Save A Wild Life” event coming up at the end of the month to help fund The Hub–you get to dress up like a wild animal and eat delicious food and stuff.

And if you’re poor as a dog and can’t make the event, there’s lots of other ways you can help them help the wild animals–there’s great info on their website, plus TONS of cute animal pictures (have you ever seen a baby beaver? What about a little fluffy owlet that can sit in the palm of your hand?).

SustainaBailey’s Tip

From App Wild’s website–told you they were cute!

Part of being a good steward of the land is caring for our natural resources–like the wild animals whose habitats us domesticated animals have taken over. A lot of the time, though, what wild animals really need is just to be left alone. If you find an animal and you aren’t sure if it needs to be rescued, check out these handy flow charts for mammals, birds and reptiles BEFORE you do anything else.

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