Great Rot!

Guys, I've been gone a while. I'm sorry about that. I've been reeeeeeally busy napping on the couch, snoozing on the porch, sleeping in the sunny corner of the yard... And my person has been really busy researching rotting food and stuff. She had a lot to say about it, but honestly I just pretended…Read more Great Rot!

Get Wild for Wildlife!

This doggie can get pretty wild, let me tell you. And when the partying gets too ruff (get it?) there are great vets and emergency vets around to get my tail wagging again. But when my ACTUAL wild cousins--those undomesticated critters who still roam the forests for food and never trained a human to do…Read more Get Wild for Wildlife!

Jump on the Local-motive!

As a dog, I don't have a whole lot of food options--it's dry, brown meat-flavored bits day in and day out (with the occasional apple slice or piece of dropped chicken thrown in there). But you humans, your choices are basically endless. Especially you humans living in Asheville. There are about 1,000 reasons to choose…Read more Jump on the Local-motive!

Greenways, please!

Guys. I love greenways. They're a great place to take your people on a walk so they can socialize and get some exercise. Plus, you can meet other nice dogs. This afternoon we went to Reeds Creek Greenway for a little jaunt. We have quite a few little greenways in Asheville--including a new one at…Read more Greenways, please!