The Dog-Eared Page: Dakota Access Pipeline Edition

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about what’s happening at the Sacred Stone Camp between the Standing Rock Sioux, the Dakota Access Pipeline, and the police. It’s pretty upsetting to see how these people are being treated as they try to protect not just the sacred land that belongs to them, but the water that belongs to all of us. This is a really big deal, yet we really haven’t been seeing much about it in the news. So here’s a collection of stories to help illuminate what’s going–plus a way to take action.

First, just a little background–here’s some coverage from NPR from back in September, when the initial protesting began:

Dozens Of U.S., Canadian Tribes Unite Against Proposed Oil Pipelines

Standing Rock Sioux Chairman Describes ‘Ecstatic’ Mood After Pipeline Halt

Amid Tribe’s Protest, Construction Of Oil Pipeline In N. Dakota Halts — For Now

And a great in-depth story from Bill Moyers (also from September):

Standing Firm at Standing Rock: Why the Struggle is Bigger Than One Pipeline

And here’s what is going on now:

BBC: Riot police move in on North Dakota pipeline protesters

Romper: Oregon Standoff Leaders Acquitted On The Same Day Dakota Pipeline Protesters Were Arrested

WLOS: Asheville restaurant owner joins ‘water protectors’ against Dakota Access pipeline

US Uncut: The United Nations just made a major announcement on the Dakota Access Pipeline

Occupy Democrats: Outrage: Pipeline Police Strip-Searched Native Girl, Threw Her Naked Into Cell

LA Times: North Dakota pipeline activists say arrested protesters were kept in dog kennels

If you’d like the TL;DR version, here’s a good timeline that boils it all down pretty succinctly: 

ABC News: Timeline of the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

SustainaBailey’s Tip

Angry yet? Ready to do something? Here’s how:

Sacred Stone Camp: How Can I Help?

Yes! Magazine: How to Contact the 17 Banks Funding the Dakota Access Pipeline

Free Thought Project: 10 Ways You Can Help the Standing Rock Sioux Fight the Dakota Access Pipeline



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