We’re settling in to watch the first presidential debate. Comfy couch–check. American flag–check. Beer to make it all more tolerable–check!

Maybe you’re not into all the barking that goes on in a debate, but there are plenty of ways to make sure you’re an informed citizen. And one of the most important things you can do for the environment is vote!

Make sure you know where your candidates stand on issues like climate change and alternative energy. And remember, there’s more than one race going on. The presidential race gets lots of attention, but big changes happen in Congress and on the state and local levels of government, too.

To make things easy for you (I’m a big fan of easy), here’s a list of links to a few of the candidates’ self-described positions on the environment. Since I live in Asheville, I’m including candidates running for office in my area.

Hillary Clinton–Climate change, protecting animals and wildlife, rural communities.
Donald Trump–He doesn’t say. Honest to dog, I couldn’t find anything.

US Senate:
Richard Burr–Conservation (scroll to the bottom)
Deborah Ross–Energy and the environment

US House of Representatives (District 10):
Patrick McHenry–Energy
Andy Millard–Environment

NC Governor:
Roy Cooper–Environment (scroll down)
Pat McCrory–He doesn’t say either, but here’s a video he made pertaining to coal ash.

NC Commissioner of Agriculture:
Steve Troxler–nothing on his website, either! Doggonit!
Walter Smith–The Environment

Well, that’s enough digging for one night. Something to ponder–why is it so many candidates don’t list their views on the environment? Is it that they don’t care? Is it that it’s not important enough to voters for them to feel the need to do it?

SustainaBailey’s Tip

Register to vote! You can’t make your voice heard on these important environmental issues unless you are registered! Do it here. Do it NOW!



Hannah is a writer who hopes to become an author.

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