I’m Bailey…

…and I like sustainability. And apple slices. And sleeping on the couch. But mostly I want to talk to you about sustainability. I’m going to tell you all about different sustainability projects happening in my town–greenways, community gardens, eco-houses, all kinds of great stuff. And with every post I’ll share an easy sustainability tip that you can do right away.

recycle-only-no-background.pngHere’s one to get us started: Recycle! (Duh, right?) But only 30% of Americans recycle! That’s pretty rough (get it? ha!). If you live in Asheville, NC, like me, then you probably already recycle–80% of Ashevillians recycle (go, team!). But a lot of recyclable material still ends up in our landfill. Check out the City’s handy-dandy recycling page to make sure you’re putting everything that can be recycled in the Big Blue Bin!



Hannah is a writer who hopes to become an author.

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